:: ProfitPay® ::

Reshare's Patented Collaborative Channel Commerce® (C3) Software performs two functions when an online purchase is made on a manufacturer's website. First, C3 calculates the net profit channel partners would have received had the purchase been made offline. Second, having calculated how much money is due various channel partners, C3 creates an instruction to a bank, manufacturer's ERP system, or third party to distribute the funds to the respective channel partners. Transactional revenues can be disbursed to individual channel partners at specific time intervals and/or when a pre-determined minimum balance is reached.


ProfitPay® Revenue Disbursement Service is an optional service of ProfitPay, LLC, available to manufacturers who want a third party to handle the distribution of profits calculated by C3 to their channel partners. Profits are deposited into a FDIC insured escrow account on behalf of the manufacturer and distributed to their channel partners under agreed upon terms in any or all of the three following methodologies:

  • - Paper Check
  • - Electronic Funds Transfer
  • - Loaded Debit Card

  • Transaction charges are based on the methodology(s) the manufacturer chooses. Loyalty and Rewards programs can also be integrated into the system.

    Can't decide which methodology to use? Let us Help.

    Paper Check
  • - Clear, tangible demonstration of profits generates excitement & support
  • - Creates Media Space - voucher checks and inserts can include personalized promotional messaging, advertisements, etc that encourage increased and continuing business from and through partners
  • - Check depositing and clearing process keeps money in your account longer

  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • - Eliminates paper-based & postage costs
  • - Expeditious
  • - Accurate & Secure

  • Loaded VISA®/MasterCard® Debit Card
  • - Creates Media Space (see Paper Check above)
  • - May be branded with your company logo
  • - Reloadable and reusable by manufacturer and/or user, offering users features similar to those of credit cards
  • - Easily integrated with loyalty and rewards programs
  • - Universally accepted

  • Payroll Reporting
    ProfitPay, LLC, will also prepare year end employee commission or contractor 1099 information for import to your ERP, Payroll or other accounting system and/or output to any number of tax preparation software programs or companies.